Module State dashboard

You can retrieve the state of your Radar devices from Module State in the Dashboards view.

View Module State

  1. Click the menu button menu button on the upper left corner of the Radar Dashboard.
  2. On the main menu , click Dashboards.
  3. Click add button on the right to open the Module State view.

To assist with viewing, you can:

Large tables

The Module State table may span multiple pages.

Filter the Module State table

The Module State dashboard supports filtering across multiple columns and with multiple criteria in each column. You can use any of the following as delimiters:

Note: You can use different delimiters in different columns, but you must use the same delimiter within the same column.

  1. Click the filter button to enable filtering.
  2. A text field appears at the top of each applicable column. Enter the filter criteria you want to use.
  3. Enter filter criteria in multiple fields, if needed. Below are two examples.
  4. Filtering by multiple columns, each with a single criterion:
  5. Filtering with multiple criteria in the same column:
  6. Click the filter button again to turn filtering off.

Select the table columns

The Module State table includes all the available columns by default. You can choose which columns to display and which ones to hide.

  1. Click the Show/Hide Columns button.
  2. Uncheck the boxes you don't want displayed. Your selections will be saved.
  3. If you download the content of the table into a CSV file, it will include only the columns you have selected.

Save Module State data

You can create different Module State dashboards with different data, using filtering and column selection to tailor the display to your needs.

  1. From the Dashboards view, click the green + button under Module State. Scroll to the right to view more columns.
  2. To rename your dashboard, type over the default name and click the check button button.
  3. Use the Show/Hide Columns button to select the columns you want to save.
  4. Use the filter button to filter the column data. See sections above for more information.
  5. Click the Save button to save this dashboard.
  6. Click the Back button. Your newly saved dashboard is listed under Module State.
  7. Repeat the above steps to create another dashboard.

Download data to CSV

You can download the Module State data into a CSV file by clicking the download button at the upper right corner. If you have applied filtering criteria or deselected certain columns, the download will contain only the content that you have chosen to display.