As an admin user, you are responsible for configuring the BlackBerry Radar Dashboard application so that the dispatcher users can access the asset data they need. You set up or modify configurations using the main menu on the application user interface (UI).

You also have all the access privileges the dispatch users do, such as viewing asset data, generating asset data reports, and sharing asset data. For detailed information, see User's Guide.

The main menu includes the following options:


Use the Reports window to create asset data reports for the geofences and other criteria that you choose.


Use the Assets view to add assets to the application or to make changes to asset information and settings.

Asset types

Use the Asset Types view to define asset types or modify existing ones. You may configure alerts in each asset type, so that when specified conditions are detected, users can view alert information on the Dashboard and receive alert notifications.


Use the Geofences view to add new geofences and specify report and alert settings. You can also register users to receive alert messages on the assets that enter and exit these geofences.


The Modules view lists all the Radar modules that belong to your organization. You can use this view to associate modules with assets.


The Alerts view lists all the alerts and their recipients. When you add users to an alert recipient list, they will receive an email notification when that alert is raised. You can also remove users from the alert recipient lists.


You can use the Users view to add or remove users, or to change a user's role.

Quick reference

Task Reference
To manage modules and assets go to Managing modules and assets
To add or modify geofences and their settings go to Managing geofences
To configure alerts and manage alert notifications go to Configuring and managing alerts
To add or remove users go to Managing users
To create asset data reports go to Generating reports