Container mounting detection

For Chassis assets (Asset Class set to Chassis), the BlackBerry Radar device is able to detect the presence of a container on the Chassis while the chassis is in motion.

If container mounting is detected, a Container Mounted event is raised. If the container is unmounted, a Container Unmounted event is raised. These events are presented on the Radar Dashboard, as shown in this example:

See details in the following sections.

You can also subscribe to receive notifications about container alerts in the Alerts view. For more information, log in to the Radar Dashboard and select Documentation on the main menu.

Enabling the feature

This feature is automatically enabled when:

Dashboard map

You will see the following asset marker and event markers on the map, indicating the Container events.

Asset Details tab

In the Status or Gateway Status section of the asset Details tab, you may find the container status, as shown in these examples:

Timeline view

In the Timeline view below the map, you can view the Container events in the Container bar.