Release Notes

November, 2016

This release includes the following changes:

Feature Description
Asset details Information on the asset Details tab is presented in three sections: Location, Status, and Details. For more information, see View asset information.
Event icons New event icons are introduced. For detailed information, see Event markers.
Events and alerts Enhanced event and alert functions. Allow commonly-used events to be enabled by default and other events to be user-configured. When the user enables an alert, it activates both the associated event reporting on the Dashboard and the alert notification through email. For more information, see Events and alerts.
Subscription for yard check reports From the Reports view, you can subscribe for yard check reports to be emailed to you. For more information, see Yard check.
Initial detection of cargo state When device installation is complete, keep all doors of the asset closed for 20 minutes to ensure adequate time for baselining the cargo load state. For more information about device installation, see Installation Guide.
Temperature alerting When the temperature alert is enabled on the Radar Dashboard, a near real-time alert will be reported when the measured temperature is outside the configured range. As of this release, this alert is reported both when the asset is in motion and when the asset is stationary. This enhanced alerting function means that temperature polling will happen more frequently, resulting in a marginal decrease in battery life.
Bug fixes and performance improvement Various bug fixes and performance improvement are also included.