Activate your BlackBerry Radar modules

The BlackBerry Radar modules, when activated, send data to the BlackBerry Radar Dashboard application. The user can then log in to the application to retrieve or monitor asset activities. The success of this communication requires the following conditions:

If you have installed your Radar modules following the instructions in the Installation Guide, your next step is activate the Radar modules. This includes three main steps:

  1. Verify that the assets and modules are present on the Dashboard.
  2. Pair each asset with a module.
  3. Locate the paired asset on the Dashboard map.

If you run into any problems during the activation process, refer to the troubleshooting section. If you need further assistance, contact the BlackBerry Radar support team at 1-844-RADAR-BB, or visit

Prepare for activation

To activate your BlackBerry Radar modules, you must:

Verify presence of assets

  1. Sign in to the BlackBerry Radar Dashboard.
  2. Click the menu button burger button in the upper left corner to display the main menu.
  3. Click Assets to open the Assets view.
  4. Make sure that all the assets that you need to pair with the Radar modules are on the list. Click Unassociated to see a list of assets not yet associated with any modules.
  5. Click the search button search button in the upper right corner, on the black navigation bar.
  6. Click Module Types to open the dropdown menu.
  7. Select Unassociated to see a list of assets not yet associated with any modules.
  8. Click burger button to go back to the main menu.

Verify presence of modules

  1. From the main menu, click Modules to open the Modules view.
  2. Click Unassociated.
  3. Check the module identifiers (serial numbers) to make sure they match the module identifiers on your worksheet.
  4. Make sure all the modules that you need to pair with assets are on the list.
  5. Click burger button to go back to the main menu.

Pair an asset with a module

  1. In the main menu, click Assets to open the Assets view.
  2. Search for or select the asset in the Assets view.
  3. Open the Association tab. Verify that no module is listed under Current Association.
  4. Under Associate with Module,
    • Click Select Module to display the dropdown list. Use the module type buttons to filter the list.
    • Select the module to associate with.
    • Click Mounting Location and select from the dropdown list.
    • Click Associate.
    • Verify that the module identifier appears under Current Association.
  5. Click back button to go back to the Assets list.
  6. Repeat the above steps to pair up each of the remaining assets and modules.

Locate an asset on the map

Note: It could take up to 15 minutes for asset data to become available.

  1. Locate the Asset Identifier field in the upper right corner. If you don't see this field, click the search button search button.
  2. In the Asset Identifier field, start typing the asset identifier. You will find a filtered list in the Assets view that matches the partial or complete asset identifier you have entered.
  3. Click on the asset in the Assets list. The asset should be highlighted on the map.
  4. Verify that the asset appears in the expected location on the map. If it doesn't, go to Troubleshoot error conditions.

Troubleshoot error conditions

If you run into problems in the activation process, check the error scenarios below. These troubleshooting steps are also summarized in a flow chart.

If you don’t see any sensor data for an asset after installation

  1. Verify that the asset is associated with the installed module.
  2. Check the power-on LED sequence.
    • During installation when the two halves are connected, there should be a series of LED lights.
    • If you did not see this, check the connection to ensure it's connected properly. You can disconnect the cables and then fully reconnect them.
    • If the problem persists, contact the BlackBerry Radar support team with the module’s serial number.
  3. Check network connectivity of the module once it has been associated with an asset on the Radar Dashboard.
    • Go to the Radar Dashboard and search for the asset in question.
    • In the Asset view, click Details to open the Details tab.
    • Check the Status section of the Details tab. This section details all the sensor readings and verifies that the module has successfully connected to the network.
    • If latest sensor data is not visible, ensure that the trailer is not parked in an area with poor cell coverage.
    • Continue to dispatch trailer as planned and monitor it for the next hour. If new sensor data is not visible in Radar Dashboard, contact the BlackBerry Radar support team with the module’s serial number.

If you see sensor data, but don't see the asset marker on the map

  1. Verify that the asset is not inside a warehouse or garage. GPS fixes are not guaranteed indoors.
  2. Verify that the back of the trailer has a clear view to the sky and not obstructed by walls or other trailers.
  3. Verify that no errors are seen in the Status section of the asset's Details tab.