Turn time report

The Turn Time Report presents a summary of asset turn time grouped by selected geofences within the specified time range, as well as detailed asset turn time information within each selected geofence.

An asset is considered to have completed a turn when it re-enters the geofence that it has previously exited. Turn time refers to the length of time that elapses from an asset's exiting a geofence to its re-entering the same geofence.

Generating a report

To generate a Turn Time Report,

  1. Click Turn Time Report on the Reports view.
  2. Edit the report name by typing into the report name area.
  3. Select the time range.
  4. Select the geofences to include in the report. You can use geofence labels to filter the geofences.
  5. Click Save Changes on the upper right corner.

Turn Time by Geofence table

The Turn Time by Geofence table (see above) summarizes the departures, arrivals, and turns that occur in each geofence in the specified time range.

Selected Geofence table

You can click any geofence to retrieve detailed turn time information about the assets in the geofence.

Filtering the Turn Time Report

In each of the report tables, you can filter the content using the filter button:

  1. Turn on filtering by clicking the filter button. The row of empty text fields allows you to filter the table by any of the columns.
  2. Type in any text field to start filtering the table content. You can use multiple columns. The example below filters on the Asset Type and Time Exited columns.

Note: You can also: