Browsing the map

Map settings

The Dashboard map supports a number of views and layers. A map view is a map displayed according to a certain viewpoint, such as a 'Streets' view or a 'Terrain' view. A map layer is a collection of information that can be either displayed on the map or turned off; for example, "Geofences" is a map layer that can be turned on or off by checking or unchecking the box.

The Dashboard map displays one map view and any number of map layers at a time. By default, it displays the Streets view and has all map layer options turned on. You can switch to any other view and uncheck any map layers that you don’t need. Note that the selections you make here are not saved. When you sign out and sign in again, the map display will revert to default settings.

Modify map settings

  1. Click the map layers button map_layers_button to open the list of map layers.
  2. Set the map to a view of your choice by clicking one of the radio buttons.

    • Streets: Default road map view
    • Hybrid: Combined view of satellite images and names of locations such as streets and towns
    • Terrain: Map view that shows terrain information such as mountains and valleys
  3. To display the map layers you need, check the corresponding checkboxes; to hide the map layers you want to ignore, uncheck the boxes.

For a detailed description of the map layers, see The Dashboard map.

Browse asset information on the map

You can find a lot of information directly from the Dashboard map.

Markers on the map

The following table summarizes the various markers and their variation on the map. You can click on any marker on the map to view more information.

Marker Description
map_geofence Polygon: A geofence. Blue marker: An asset inside the geofence.
blue filled Blue: No alarms detected. Filled circle: Carrying cargo.
blue dash Blue: No alarms detected. Dash: Cargo detection not supported.
red filled Red: Alarms detected. Filled circle: Carrying cargo.
red unfilled Red: Alarms detected. Unfilled circle: Not carrying cargo.
grey unfilled Grey: Current location not available in most recent sensor readings. The marker indicates the last known location.
asset_cluster Eleven assets clustered in the area.
map_event_marker Event detected. This is an example of the "Extended stopover" event. For more information, see Event markers.
events_his_dots Purple: detected events. Blue dots: Location history.

Event markers

The following events may be raised depending on the conditions an asset might run into. Events are reported on the Dashboard, both in the Dashboard map and in the Assets view. Some events require alert configuration. For more information about events and alerts, see Configuring alerts.

Event Marker Description
battery low Battery low
battery ok Battery OK
cargo loaded Cargo detected
cargo unloaded Cargo unloaded (empty)
door open Door open
door closed Door closed
geofence entry Entry into geofence
geofence exit Exit from geofence
movement started Movement started
movement stopped Movement stopped
extended stop Extended stopover
humidity Humidity out of specified range, or humidity back in range (marker in green)
temp Temperature out of specified range, or temperature back in range (marker in green)