Access other asset related information

You can also obtain other asset tracking related information from the Dashboard application, including:

View geofence information

A geofence is a virtual region created on a map to represent an actual geographic area. Geofences are used to define areas for which certain types of asset tracking data need to be collected, for example, a distribution center where cargo is loaded and unloaded.

  1. Open the Geofences view to see the list of geofences.
  2. Click on any geofence. This opens the geofence view and locates the geofence on the map.
    • On the map, you can double click the geofence to zoom in.
    • On the geofence view, you can see
      • Which asset reports are included in this geofence (the "Include..." checkboxes)
      • What alerts are set for each asset type

Note: Only an administrator can modify geofences and their settings.

Search for a geofence

You can search for any geofence using the geofence name.

  1. Open the Geofences view.
  2. In the Geofence Search field, start typing the name of the geofence. A filtered list that matches the search field will appear in the view.
  3. Click the geofence you are looking for. This opens the view of that geofence and also locates the geofence on the map.

Subscribe to alert notifications

When an asset detects an alert condition, an alert message is sent to its registered users through email. You can subscribe to receive alert notifications.

The conditions that trigger alert notifications are set in each asset type, but can also be overridden in individual assets or geofences. For more information about alerts, see Events and alerts.


Alert Description
Door alerts
  • Open: Asset door is open.
  • Closed: Open: Asset door is closed.
Movement alerts
  • Start moving: Asset has started moving.
  • Stop moving: Asset has stopped moving.
  • Extended Stop: Asset stop time has exceeded the time set for extended stopover
Temperature alerts
  • Out of Range: Temperature is out of the specified range.
  • Back in Range: Temperature is back in the specified range.
Humidity alerts
  • Out of Range: Humidity is out of the specified range.
  • Back in Range: Humidity is back in the specified range.
Geofence alerts
  • Enter: Asset has entered the specified geofence.
  • Exit: Asset has left the specified geofence.
Cargo alerts
  • Loaded: Cargo has been loaded.
  • Unloaded: Cargo has been unloaded.
Battery alerts
  • Battery Low: Device battery level is low.
  • Battery OK: Device battery level is OK.
Tampering alerts Tampering: Device has been tampered with.

To receive alert notifications:

  1. Open the Alerts view.
  2. Check the box for each type of alert that you want to receive notification for.
  3. Click Save Changes at the bottom.
  4. If you don’t receive alert emails, check your spam or junk email folder.

Unsubscribe from alert notifications

To remove yourself from any alert notification:

  1. Open the Alerts view.
  2. Uncheck the boxes for the alerts you want to unsubscribe yourself from.
  3. Click Save Changes.

Retrieve users list

To see what users are allowed on the BlackBerry Radar Dashboard, click the Users option on the main menu.

The Users view lists all the users that have access to the application, both dispatchers and administrators. This is a quick way to find an admin user if you need assistance.